Princess Rules

2020 Princess Rules and Registration

Registration for Princess is 10am-Noon on February 15, 2020 at the Thunder on the Beach Powwow.  Head to the committee booth to sign up and please bring a parent. Princess hopefuls are expected to help during the powwows and be available when needed.  Our Princesses will be crowned on March 28, 2020 at the FIHA Anniversary Powwow.


Junior Princess Requirements

1.      Female between 8 and 13 years old.

2.      Must have own dance regalia; no borrowing.

3.      Must be willing to learn pow wow etiquette if not have some knowledge already.

4.      The princesses family must be a member of FIHA.

Junior Princess Duties

1.      Do as much volunteer work as possible.

2.      Learn as much about being princess as possible.

3.      Work with senior princess on give away at end of your rein.

4.      Must go to at least three powwows a year

5.      Must contribute to the FIHA newsletters and drumbeat

6.      Smile and have fun!


Senior Princess Requirements

1.      Female over 14 years old

2.      Must have own dance regalia. No borrowing.

3.      Never been married, not currently married, and living with family only or same gender dorms if in college.

4.      Not pregnant, has no kids.

5.      Doesn’t currently hold crown for any other pow wow except FIHA.

6.      Knows basic pow wow etiquette.

7.      The princess of her family must be members of FIHA.

8.      Must be female by birth

Senior Princess Duties

1.      Do as much volunteer work as possible.

2.      Help junior princess learn.

3.      Set good example while visiting other pow wows.

4.      Not caught alone with guy, such as boyfriend.

5.      Must contribute to the FIHA newsletters and drumbeat.

6.      Help head dancers, arena director and whip-man as needed.

7.      Positive promotion of FIHA.

8.      Must go to at least four powwows a year.